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Hello CartnKiosk
I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery and the easy web site interface.
Thank you
Maria Brooks
Kentucky, United States.

Hi cartnkiosk team,
I have recently bought micabella products from your site, i like the fact that you are cheaper then anyone else selling these products
and i would definitely buy more as soon as im in a need.
Kate Downy
Pennsylvania, United States.

Dear Cartnkiosk Team,
I have been using different hair straightener's all of my life, after trying the Corioliss Wet to Dry i have discovered a new way to straighten my hair, its really fast and easy, and it doesn't seem to damage my hair like the other once.
It look great and feels softer then ever, i would definitely recommend about Cartnkiosk to my friends who are in a need for a good hair straightener, or the awesome Micabella product.
Last time i have ordered Micabella products i also ordered the Snowow (snow powder) my kid had so much fun with it, it is an amazing product.
Thanks for the fast delivery.
Deborah Robertson.
Wisconsin, United States.

Hello Cart N Kiosk.com
Thank you for providing an alternative for the retail prices of Micabella Cosmetics, I have purchased the foundation and it works like magic, i have a very sensitive skin and could not use any other brands, Micabella Foundation with SPF 15, made me feel better with myself, and not to mention all the complements i am getting now.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Rebecca Jones
Florida, United States.

I purchased my first micabella product last November and now I wont use any other make up. I have been extremely satisfied with my on line purchase and was very pleased with the turn around time.


Trina S.


Hi! I am very satisfied with my current purchase of four eye shadows.  Two of them were given to my sister as a gift.  She had used mine this past summer and really liked it.  The other two eye shadows I kept for myself.  I will continue to use these eye shadows because they last all day without fading away.  They add just the right amount of sparkle to my eyes.  Next time I will be adventurous and buy different colors than I have been using. 

Carol G.

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